Nottingham needs you! To promote regular exercise in Nottingham, Milind Sovani (Respiratory Team @NUH), Alison Sutherland (Respiratory nurse PICS) and the Nottingham Breathe Easy groups (part of the British Lung Foundation) have joined hands and are working (and walking) together.

We want to improve our community’s health by asking people with lung conditions, their families and friends, and our local hospitals and community services to join together to ‘walk to the moon’!

The Challenge It would take 478 million steps to reach the moon – and we’re determined to get there. We can do it between us – but we need your help in taking up the challenge and finding more people to join you!

We start on 1st February, and will walk every day for 137 days, finishing with a final walk and picnic in the park to celebrate at a venue in Nottingham on 17th June! Better health comes from regular exercise – and by building our daily steps up, with a clear goal, together we can achieve something remarkable!

It doesn’t matter how many steps you can walk. Everybody can join in at their level as an individual or as a group (max. 7). To join us, send an email to or ring and register with Stacey on 07818 650623.

We will send you a counting sheet to record your steps and an optional BLF sponsor form. Count your steps on your phone or pedometer. If you need a step counter we can help. Please record your steps each day and send your weekly totals via email or text or hand them in at your monthly Breathe easy or support meeting!

To make it more fun we will keep a facebook page going with regular updates and competitions.

We look forward to hearing from you. Together we can walk to the moon!