PICS is part of the newly launched (1st October 2018) “End of Life Care Together” Integrated Delivery Model for Mansfield and Ashfield and Newark and Sherwood (Mid Notts) registered patients.

Our partners in the new model are:

– Nottinghamshire Healthcare Trust (Local Partnerships)

– John Eastwood Hospice

– Beaumond House Community Hospice

– Nottinghamshire Hospice

We are also in partnership with Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (SFHFT).

The service will support patients and their carer’s by working collaboratively, focusing on the individual patient’s end of life needs, holistically.

This will be achieved by initiation, and consented sharing of EPaCCS (Electronic Palliative Care Co-ordination Systems), Advance Care Planning and the ReSPECT process. The service is for all patients with an end of life prognosis or specialist palliative care need irrespective of primary diagnosis.

The service is for patients and their carer’s in Mid Nottinghamshire who may have:

  • An estimated prognosis of 12 months or less
  • Specialist palliative care needs
  • Supportive palliative care needs
  • Support as a Carer or a Bereaved Person related to a patient referred to the service

The triage service will coordinate all onward referrals to end of life care services based on patient need and preferred place of care. The service will coordinate e-referrals to adult social care and third sector organisations such as Cruse, Citizens Advice, carer and patient support groups and services.

The End of Life Care Together for Mid-Nottinghamshire will provide:

  • A single point of referral, 24 hours, 7 day a week service.
  • Outreach by Specialist Palliative Nurses by PICS and John Eastwood Hospice and, to support patients and carers in their home.
  • Provide clinical triage, assessment and coordination of patient and carer needs.
  • Hospice at Home services, including a dedicated nursing service to provide care in the home through the night and during the day dependent on the Patient or Carers needs (provided by Beaumond House Community Hospice and Notts Hospice).
  • Community Hospice beds, at Beaumond House Community Hospice and John Eastwood Hospice.
  • A Two hour urgent response for home assessment.