We recently welcomed delegates from China who were interested to learn about PICS services and integrated care within the NHS.

PICS is delighted to be working with the University of Nottingham and Zhejiang province health commission to educate delegates from China in the machinations of the NHS and Integrated Care. China recognises that they have a huge aging population, with long term health needs and a health care system that will not cope with the demand (we have heard that before!). They are seeking alternative ways of developing good, evidence based, effective care pathways that can evolve in their Cultural system and be accepted by Chinese society.

In October we welcomed a delegation of 14 Senior Nurses to PICS. These nurses had been selected from the top 100 applicants and were all aged under 35 – part of the China policy to promote long term education. They were on the International Advanced Nursing Professional Development Programme from UON.

Pictured: Ali Sutherland presenting at the University of Nottingham.

Our second day was contributing to the programme of education for the delegation from the Public Hospitals in Zhejiang Province. The delegates consisted of 21 Presidents and Vice Presidents of hospitals.

They were interested to hear how the NHS was developed,  how integrated care is working and how service pathways are developed. We presented our services at PICS and how we believe this model is not only cost effective, but of quality to the patients and the staff working in the services.

Pictured: Dr Lim presenting about the distance from hospital to general practice.

Our speakers were all well received and the delegates reflected that it had been a very useful day.

I had 2 offers to go to China as soon as possible to set up Fei Kung Fu (Pulmonary Rehab to you and me!).

By Alison Sutherland – Clinical Services Lead