The Nottingham Post have published an article surrounding the number of diagnoses of Fibromyalgia within the Nottinghamshire area. The article highlights that the condition is now becoming more widely understood and recognised. This has led to an increase in admissions relating to fibromyalgia – it was documented that in Nottinghamshire within 2018/19, there were in excess of 5,500 admissions relating to either a primary or secondary diagnosis of Fibromyalgia.

PICS were mentioned as being the provider for Pain Management within the Greater Nottingham and Mid-Nottinghamshire localities. Clinical Team Lead for the PICS Pain Pathway, Paula Banbury, was interviewed by the Nottingham Post:

“Pain is very difficult to diagnose as there is no test. Fibromyalgia is a syndrome so it is really a collection of symptoms. 10 years ago people were told it was psychological but diagnosis has now been legitimised which means acceptance has grown. At PICS we don’t treat pain, we treat the patient which means using more holistic methods. Fibromyalgia can often lead to low mood, depression and anxiety because of being in pain all the time, so we work to try and get people back to what they enjoy and give them some quality of life. We have wellbeing practitioners who focus on support and activities. Hobbies and distractions are very important. Working through the pathway is proven to be successful with reduced GP visits and people returning to meaningful function – they start to do more in their daily lives.”

(Excerpt from the Nottingham Post)

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