PICS is uniquely placed to provide insight and guidance on the coming threat to services and likely impact on patients: We provide key services that COVID-19 will test in the coming months so our central management team can view the entire patient journey and our experts are helping Nottinghamshire plan their response. We are working together with our partners to achieve the best possible care for local communities.

Our patient services have been realigned to support a new way of working through this crisis:

  1. telephone triage, advice and support, keeping patients, including vulnerable, socially isolated and shielded individuals, stable or well, and at home;
  2. joining up new pathways to help avoid hospilization, and sharing guidance with colleagues in the wider NHS to support patients discharged into the community;
  3. managing appropriate places for non-COVID-19 patients to be seen; and
  4. setting up newly designated hubs to see possible or confirmed COVID-19 patients.

We are taking careful measures to ensure that our staff and patients are safe from cross contamination, including thorough triaging before appointments, managing the entrance and exit of patients to limit contact, ensuring appropriate cleaning and sanitation prior and post appointments; using personal protective equipment as appropriate and possible, and providing guidance on containing the spread of the virus.

PICS staff, all essential workers, are working in different ways, using new technologies and quickly adapting to the massive changes over the past few weeks to keep caring for patients and to meet Government guidelines on social distancing and self-isolation.  Clinical staff continue to travel and come into work where necessary, however some are able to work from home – for example, we have doctors triaging over the phone and pharmacists fulfilling subscriptions remotely.

As we deal with this unprecedented level of pressure, change and anxiety alongside working remotely and sometimes in isolation, how we use technology to care for patients and to collaborate with partners, and how we maintain wellbeing for our patients and staff are key areas PICS is providing training and support in.

Alison Rounce, Managing Director of PICS, says:

“Our communities will need us more than ever over the coming months and I believe the efforts of our staff will never be forgotten.

Our staff are working flat out and tirelessly to support our more vulnerable, socially isolated and shielded patients while preparing for an influx of COVID-19 related cases.

Our clinical experts are also working closely with our partners across the county as the hospitals discharge non-COVID-19 patients, providing guidance, training and support to help equip colleagues in the wider-NHS as they begin to provide more care for patients in the community.

“To every member of staff: Thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you’re doing. I’ve never been more proud of you.”

Anita Dixon, PICS Board Chair

“I would like to say a massive thank you to all PICS staff and management team for organising and managing services, juggling home life and working for the good of our patients.

“It is times of adversity and unprecedented situations such as this that good leadership is paramount. This is where PICS’ leaders, Alison Rounce and Dr Kelvin Lim, come into their own, along with the management team, to give staff all the support and help they might require. Alison and Kelvin, along with staff at every level, are doing an amazing job.

“This terrible situation will eventually pass as long as everyone does as they are being asked, and our communities receive the wonderful support provided by you in PICS and the wider NHS.”

PICS staff share their response to the national “Clap for Carers” with media broadcaster Notts TV