PICS staff report higher satisfaction in 17 comparable areas with the NHS, including patient care as a top priority (98%), feeling valued (91%), support from a line manager (93%), and in broader areas of team working, pay and flexible working (between 10-20 percentage points higher than our comparators). Our job satisfaction scores are 12-22 percentage points higher than our comparators. 92% of staff say they would recommend PICS as a place to work, 93% are satisfied with the support from their line manager, and 96% are happy with the standard of work from PICS in case a friend or relative needed treatment from us. 97% say they are trusted to do their job.

How staff feel about the company, support for their personal growth, and their teams:

  • 94% agree they have clear objectives and feel valued during staff appraisals.
  • 91% are very enthusiastic about their job.
  • 95% received support to access identified development and training needs – 36 percentages points higher than our comparators.
  • 91% feel their work is valued by the organisation.
  • 88% are satisfied with the support from colleagues.
  • 81% agree the organisational values were discussed at appraisals.
  • 89% feel respected by their peers, feel that their teams shared common objectives and met often to discuss effectiveness.

While 100 per cent of our services are provided on behalf of the NHS, PICS runs our own staff survey and benchmarks our results to our comparators. The survey is based on the NHS format. While the NHS is not a direct comparator to PICS because it is a much larger and more complex organisation with a wider variety of roles and working conditions, we do have shared goals, values and purpose of caring for patients, so this is a quick overview of experiences of staff from a snapshot of questions.

PICS asks staff to anonymously feedback on their experiences working here as part of our wide and ongoing tracking of our adherence to the PICS Values.

Alison Rounce and Kelvin Lim, PICS joint-Directors, said:

“Our core Value at PICS is that We Care, and it’s really important to us that our caring culture enhances the experience of our staff at work and supports them to care for their loved ones. When we are well in ourselves and feel supported, valued and empowered, we are more able to deliver excellent care for our patients. Our teams are energised and motivated to collaborate on complex challenges with our partners to improve the health and daily lives of people in our communities. The PICS Board and Leadership team have been looking at the results closely and are working on ensuring all of our policies and structures are further aligned to our values. We will keep listening to our staff, as well as our patients and partners, so that we can act on their feedback.”

Emma Alder, author of the 2019 staff survey summary added:

“(The results are) a positive reflection on PICS caring values, not only caring for patients but also staff and their families. In addition, it provides evidence that PICS staff have confidence in the leadership skills of the management, that they care about individuals, and that they help fulfil potential and express appreciation.”

Emma analysed the results, researched data from comparators and compiled the report and recommendations while working from home, shielding in lockdown and redeployed in part from her substantive role in clinical services administration.