Following accreditation from Best Companies as ‘an outstanding place to work’ in early April 2020, PICS was placed highly in three major rankings that mark us as one of the best places to work in the UK.

  • Top 6th Best Company to work for in the UK’s health and social care sector.
  • 76th Best Large Company to Work For in the UK.
  • 42nd Best Company to work for in the Midlands.




Compiled by Best Companies, a position on the list is awarded to organisations reaching some of the highest overall scores of engagement generated by employee feedback and calculated using unique methodology. It is an accolade that demonstrates an organisation upholds the very highest workplace standards and genuinely cares about, and values, its employees.

PICS found out exactly which list positions were achieved during ‘Best Companies Live’, a special event broadcast on Friday, 21 May hosted by Dan Walker, BBC presenter and commentator.

Over the past year, there has been a shift in acute and urgent care from hospitals into care homes and the community, and PICS has supported the local population when it needed it most with new local services and integrated pathways. As part of this, PICS has supported networks of GP practices with roles that take pressure off GPs and offer patients expert and specialised care local to home. PICS recruited over 100 of these roles during the pandemic and is now the largest employer of additional roles for Primary Care Networks in Nottinghamshire. One of the first companies to employ First Contact Physiotherapists (FCPs) in April 2020, this team now carry out 12 per cent of FCP appointments with only 1 per cent of England’s patient lists (source: NHS Digital National Dashboard).

New initiatives for staff during the pandemic

To support new staff, PICS implemented a new induction programme to help embed new starters during lockdown. Recognising that training, safety and wellbeing support for staff was vital to ensure high quality and safe patient care in the community, a new wellbeing programme and pack of policies were rolled out. This included one to one emotional support, team-based talking and reflection therapies, and a reassurance that PICS would support any employee facing financial hardship as a result of the pandemic. A new app was provided for nurses, link workers and support staff working alone doing home visits. Collaboration between staff and our partners across the county continued with innovative use of virtual and mobile platforms. These new systems were brought in quickly and securely so that staff could focus on the care for patients, themselves and their families.

Dr Kelvin Lim, Medical Director of PICS and practising GP said:

“Our colleagues have done an amazing job to make strong and supportive teams during such challenging times. As the largest employer of additional roles for Primary Care Networks in Nottinghamshire, this gives us confidence that the roles we provide are well supported, sustainable and this bodes well for the future.”



Alison Rounce, Managing Director of PICS, said:

“This is a fantastic recognition of all the efforts we put in to make PICS a great place to work and how much we care about staff wellbeing, as well as their careers. We recognise that an engaged workforce is a vital part to our continuing success, so thank you to all the PICSies.”