PICS have curated resources available to local health and social care staff to help them enjoy time over this festive period and protect their mental health. Recognising the immense pressure all health care staff are under, we’re highlighting resources targeted at Nottinghamshire’s primary and community care staff who are delivering thousands of vaccinations seven days a week across Nottinghamshire.

One-to-one support is available from both the Nottinghamshire health and social care mental health and wellbeing helpline and also from a national coaching service focused on primary care staff. Caroline Neal, PICS’ Pain Practitioner and Cognitive Behavioural Therapist, has also produced two short videos that talk through the signs of stress in the body.

As fans of comic book superhero Iron Man will know, a bit of a laugh while battling in a crisis helps break the tension. A well-timed joke or funny moment gives the audience an opportunity to take a breath and relax. It helps them keep focused on the movie.

Have you also noticed that a memory of a happy time can be as powerful as the moment of happiness itself? The festive period can create a lot of pressure on top of professional life (and everything else). It can get difficult to enjoy time during the day, even when resting. But we all deserve and need time to enjoy ourselves. When we reflect back on this time, remembering moments of laughter and happiness will help us process what’s been happening and recognise the wider impact on our health and behaviours.

Recognising that you are running on adrenaline can be a really helpful moment. The message is to take a moment and reflect, and use one of the many techniques available to take care of your health.

Top three resources: 

Nottinghamshire health and care staff support hub: for all health and social care staff working in Nottinghamshire and is specifically made available to support those struggling with mental health due to COVID-19 pressures. Arrange an appointment for an initial 30-40 minute talk with a qualified therapist who will listen and help you move forward.

H&W Home | Staff support (
0808 196 8886

Looking After You national primary care coaching service: for all staff in primary care in recognition of the continuing challenges being faced by those in clinical and non-clinical roles. NHS England and Improvement have developed three coaching offers that are available over telephone or video-call from experienced coaches.

  1. Looking After You Too –  coaching about you and your wellbeing
  2. Looking After Your Team – coaching about you and your team
  3. Looking After Your Career – coaching about you and your career

Find out more –

Videos on managing stress in our bodies, by Caroline Neal, PICS’ Pain Practitioner and Cognitive Behavioural Therapist:

Caroline Neal: Short and long term effects on the body – YouTube

Caroline Neal: 10 tips to manage stress – YouTube