On Saturday 5 and Sunday 13 March, PICS staff joined the Sherwood Forest Trust and other volunteers to plant hundreds of trees and bushes near Retford, north Nottinghamshire. Starting with an empty field, we came back a week later to help finish the job. Within eight days, over 2,000 trees and bushes were planted including Bird Cherry, Field Maple, Hornbeam, Sweet Chestnut, Rowan, Oak, Hazel and Holly.

We were there as as part of PICS’ support of the 100 year project being led by the Sherwood Forest Trust to bring together Nottinghamshire’s ancient woodlands under one continuing canopy.  In October 2021, to celebrate the eight year anniversary since PICS was formed, we got in touch with Sherwood Forest Trust who help take care of the ancient woods in Nottinghamshire. We committed to fund the planting of saplings and plant native trees in our local community on our birthday every year, and to arrange staff team outings to help get them bedded in across the region.

We’re sharing the opportunities to get involved with our staff, patients and partners as PICS branches out into new ways to green our environment and help celebrate our commitment to the health and wellbeing of people in Nottinghamshire.

Thank you to everyone involved including Debbie Butler and husband, Alison and Andy Faulkner and their children Sarah and Emily, Ali Sutherland and Stephen Anderson, Roz Stannard, and a party of four children, Hazel, Pearl, Alice and Miranda. Stephen Anderson, PICS’ Business Development Manager, said “It was well worth going and we all really enjoyed it. It was easy to plant the trees and I would recommend getting involved to everybody.”

The planting season is finished for now but look for more opportunities to get involved on their Facebook page: Sherwood Forest Trust | Facebook. More about PICS’ support of this campaign is on our website: PICS joins 100 year tree planting campaign to mark our 8th birthday.