Her Majesty The Queen’s representative in Nottinghamshire invited PICS to take part in a special Jubilee celebration at the Nottinghamshire County Show on Saturday 14 May. We formed part of a large exhibition space to recognise and celebrate the local development of health and social care during Her Majesty’s 70 year reign.

A team of experienced Nurses and PICS managers ran the PICS Listening Project, inviting attendees to share their experience of local health services. It’s all part of our PICS approach to patient engagement, where we hear from residents in a community space they’ve chosen to be in, rather than just in a healthcare space like a surgery, hospital or online forum or during/after a specific interaction with us.

The team were proud to welcome Sir John Peace, Lord-Lieutenant of Nottinghamshire, to the stall. Sir John made a special visit to thank PICS for taking part and to highlight the importance of listening. He asked whether mental health had been a talking point during the event and he expressed his appreciation for everyone who continues to work hard for the community.

Left to right, Roz Stannard (Communications and Engagement Manager), Eve Elliott (Advanced Nurse Practitioner in the Acute Home Visiting Service), Sir John Peace (Lord-Lieutenant of Nottinghamshire), Ali Sutherland (Clinical Lead), and Emma Alder (Quality and Governance Manager).

Over the course of seven hours, the team talked with approximately 100 people –  with over half of the conversations represented by a note on the feedback board. The reflections of visitors and their comments are being recorded and will be shared soon.

Ali Sutherland shared her reflection at the end of a very busy day: “It’s been brilliant today. Not only have we listened to the public and heard their stories, we’ve also heard from our colleagues about how Covid has really enabled us to do new things in new ways. Some things weren’t so good but other things have been great, and we just move forward to the future with a passion and a vigorous want to do better and more for our patients.”