Alison Rounce, Managing Director of PICS, has been elected by local GPs to the position of Director of Nottingham West Primary Care Network, starting on Monday 15 August. Similar to a Chief Executive, Alison is the accountable officer, representative for the Primary Care Network (PCN), and first point of contact for the wider system and leaders from other PCNs.

Alison will continue with her roles as Managing Partner at Eastwood Primary Care Centre and Managing Director of Primary Integrated Community Services (PICS). Talking about her other commitments, Alison told PICS staff: “Let me reassure you that this role will not change my commitment to PICS as Managing Director and I will continue to invest my energy and time with our brilliant organisation that I’m so proud to be a part of. I’m confident that PICS is in a strong position with the additional support of Karen Frankland, recently appointed as Deputy Managing Director.”

Alison is the first health professional who is not a clinician to be elected to the Primary Care Network leadership role in Nottinghamshire, though there are already non-clinical Directors of PCNs in other areas of England.

Dr Tim Heywood is stepping down from the role of Clinical Director of Nottingham West Primary Care Network to begin a medical career in the Armed Forces.

Alison said: “Tim’s departure is a great loss to the NHS and local community. I want to thank him for the significant impact he’s had on improving population health and making a difference to the lives of tens of thousands of people. I’m sure everyone will join me in wishing him all the best as he joins the Army, and thank him for everything he’ll do to care for our Defence Community.”

Looking to the future, Alison shares the mandate she was elected with:

“I’m so proud to have been elected by the GPs in Nottingham West to support achievement of our vision and represent such an outstanding PCN.

“I’m honoured to provide coordination and leadership that will enable Clinical Leads to continue their success in improving health and wellbeing outcomes for our local residents. Nottingham West is a large PCN with over 107,000 registered patients. We have strong clinical leadership from a great team of doctors and clinicians who spearhead themes of special interest, including ARRS roles, IIF, new models of care such as care homes and cardiology.

“The success of Nottingham West Primary Care Network comes from experience and trust built up over time between the professionals, communities, representatives and volunteers across the area. Our approach to problems and our ability to adapt is exemplary. I’m really excited to continue Tim’s commitment of collaboration across health, public health, social care, housing, Police, 3rd sector and grass roots campaigns. Only by working together can we reduce and ultimately eliminate health inequalities.”