In August 2022, PICS signed up to a national scheme that aims to support colleagues who are Carers inside and outside of the workplace. It is estimated there are 189,000 Carers living in Nottinghamshire who combine work and caring responsibilities.

PICS is working with the Nottinghamshire Carers Association (NCA) to access information and training that will support us to achieve the accreditation. The NCA is also working with colleagues throughout PICS to recognise and support carers in our communities, and our Social Prescribing Service has already been accredited as being Carer-friendly.

Carers are people of any age who provide unpaid support to family or friends who could not manage without this help due to illness, disability, mental health or a substance misuse problem.

PICS wants all Carers within PICS to feel valued and supported to continue in their caring role. We have pledged to:

• Acknowledge and support informal Carers within our organisation.
• Nominate a Carers Champion.
• Review our policies and procedures to ensure they are inclusive of Carers and make adjustments where necessary.
• Communicate the support available to Carers.