This week, Dr Kelvin Lim and Alison Rounce thanked colleagues and partners for their support as they announced their plans to leave PICS as Medical Director and Managing Director respectively. They said:

“We co-founded PICS as a partnership with each other. Now feels like the right time to go, knowing that PICS is in a strong position with ongoing leadership from Deputy Managing Director, Karen Frankland and Deputy Medical Director, Dr Paul Scullard. We have confidence in their leadership. Paul and Karen are both well established in the PICS culture and organisation, share our Values, and are heavily involved in the growth strategy.

“We want to express our pride in the success of PICS and thank our colleagues and partners for their support and contributions.

“It’s business as usual at PICS, which will continue adding value to our local health system as a trusted provider and unique partner.”

PICS is presented with award

Alison Rounce, front centre and Dr Kelvin Lim, 3rd from right with colleagues as PICS wins Employer of the Year at the Nottinghamshire Post Business Awards

Anita Dixon, Chair of the PICS Board

Anita Dixon, Chair of PICS Board highlighted the success of Ali and Kelvin’s 30-year partnership saying: “Ali and Kelvin co-founded a successful and sustainable business that is now integral to the success of our local healthcare system. In just nine years, PICS has grown to champion a federation of 70 GP surgeries and employ 450 people who deliver 35 services and care for 1 million people.

“The PICS Board understands and respects their decision. We wish to thank Ali and Kelvin for their dedicated service and inspiring, compassionate leadership.

“The success of PICS is down to us all embracing a set of Values that Ali and Kelvin co-produced with colleagues. PICS staff are empowered to create a caring culture and exciting working environment, while designing and developing innovative, safe and effective services. The Board looks forward to continuing to support this success and will make formal appointments in due course.”


PICS will communicate more in due course.
PICS has a clear growth strategy and a sustainable business plan for the new leadership team to develop and deliver.
Alison Rounce and Dr Kelvin Lim are valued and active members of the local health community and hold various positions outside of PICS which are not affected by this announcement.