Today on Wednesday 5 July 2023, it’s 75 years since our National Health Service launched, providing free healthcare at the point of access to the entire country.

Yesterday, PICS Medical Director Dr Kelvin Lim’s reflections on the power and potential of collaboration within primary care, and with the entire health and social care system, were published.

As Primary Care Representative on the Nottinghamshire and Nottingham Integrated Care Board, Dr Lim’s was invited to write a blog for the June and July issue of the flagship newsletter of the local Integrated Care System.

You can flick through some excerpts below and read the full blog: ICS Newsletter July 2023 (


“Primary care, community services, social care and the third sector are really good at delivering important work alongside urgent work. How can we apply that strength to our shared projects?”


“Supporting peer-to-peer groups is an example of prioritising work with intrinsic value for our community. We need funded quality of life measurements that recognise the vital importance of engaging with communities, asking what matters to them, and enabling and empowering change.”


“Primary care has a strong track record of setting up new services that help people live better. Under extraordinary conditions, PICS partnerships with Primary Care Networks (PCNs) delivered innovation quickly, effectively and safely; with transformative outcomes for our residents. Seventy practices across 11 PCNs have federated with us. We estimate over 200,000 appointments were delivered by PICS Primary Care Network staff in 2020-21. PICS and PCNs have significantly reduced pressure on GPs and the wider health and care system at a critical time.”