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Advance Care Planning Nurses

Provided for people registered to GP practices within Nottingham West Primary Care Network.

Nottingham West 

The Nottingham West PCN has commissioned an Advance Care Planning team to look at Recommended Summary Plan for Emergency Care and Treatment (ReSPECT) and forward decision making for our patients, initially focussing in Nottingham West Care homes. Jessica Waterhouse and Wendy Berridge, both experienced Palliative Care Nurses, have inspired and encouraged the GP practices, Community Services and Care home staff come together to care for the patients, clinicians and communities within care homes.

ReSPECT is a process that creates a personalised plan/recommendations for clinical care in emergency situations in which a person may not be able to communicate at a given time what their wishes may be.

Both nurses are passionate advocates of the benefits that the full and intended use of the ReSPECT document can have for patients and their families; and continue to support staff to adopt an individual approach to having these discussions rather than simply using it as a tool for recording Do Not Attempt Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (DNACPR). This will always be a lengthy process and whilst DNACPR’s are in already in place for those thought to be at most risk we are concentrating on encouraging quality and timely completion of forms with the support of care staff. The feedback from the homes has been remarkable at how they have embraced the concept and are feeling quite empowered advocating for the best outcome for their residents! This is at the very heart of the PCN’s vision for the project.

One month after the start of the project Covid 19 arrived. Jess and Wendy saw what care homes were facing, realised how they could help, mobilised the PCN and PICS for support and input, and enabled staff to cope and care as the coronavirus has moved through our communities. They have assisted with training, practical issues around PPE, new equipment and remote technology skills, help with care of the dying patient and psychological support of the staff, other patients and their families in the care home community.

The change in this project reflects PICS responsive, proactive and fast-moving community of specialist, experienced staff who are able to empower and support carers and clinicians in the community, enhancing care for our patients.

Further information about ReSPECT can be found by visiting www.respectprocess.org.uk

    To know more about the service please contact 03000 830 000 option 9.