Gynaecology Service

Provided for people registered to GP practices in Nottingham City, Nottingham North and East, Nottingham West, and Rushcliffe Clinical Commissioning Groups.

Nottingham City 

 Nottingham North and East

Nottingham West


The service is led by PICS and supported by Nottingham University Hospitals Trust (NUHT), Nottingham City GP Alliance, and Partners Health.

The service delivers a range of gynaecologic interventions, providing an alternative community setting for first and follow up appointments and appropriate procedures.
The community gynaecology pathway is shown below.

The service is for female patients aged 16+ and registered with a Greater Nottingham GP.

• Cervical polyps
• Fibroids
• Menopause problems /severe premenstrual syndrome
• Menstrual disorders (excluding Post-Menopausal Bleeding)
• Pelvic pain
• Polycystic ovarian syndrome
• Prolapse / Pessary Changes
• Sterilisation requests
• Benign ovarian cysts
• Vulval disorders

• Patients under 16 years of age
• Suspected cancers (2ww referrals)
• Post coital bleeding and cervical abnormalities requiring colposcopy
• Post-menopausal bleeding
• Psychosexual problems
• Termination of pregnancy requests
• Pregnancy related problems
• Patients with a complex past gynaecological history where hospital records may be required
• Infertility (Including Infertility treatment in line with the service restrictions policy)

The aims are:
• Clear, streamlined and consistent patient pathway
• Patients receiving the right care in the right place and time
• Avoid surgical intervention where ever appropriate
• Reduction in Out Patient activity in secondary care

The service will be provided at the following provisional locations and times:
• Upper Parliament Street, City Centre – Tuesday and Friday AM
• Heanor Health Centre/ Eastwood Primary care Centre – Biweekly Monday PM
• Highcroft Surgery, Arnold – Biweekly Thursday PM
• Keyworth Surgery – Wednesday PM
• Westdale Lane, Gedling – Biweekly Thursday PM
• The Oaks Medical Centre, Beeston – Biweekly Wednesday PM

GPs should refer using the Referral form available on eHealthscope / F12 – please use the current gynaecology standardised secondary care referral form and refer as usual via the GNRSS.

The GNRSS will forward all appropriate referrals for clinical triage by the Greater Nottingham community gynaecology service. No change will be seen in the current referral process for patients requiring step up care for their gynaecological conditions.


The service can be accessed via your local GP. To know more about the service please contact 03000 830 000 option 7.