Annual Report 2019-20

“PICS is uniquely placed to provide primary care and community services to meet the needs of our local communities.” Alison Rounce, Managing Director.

It’s been both an exciting and challenging year. In 2019, we responded as a sector to the NHS long-term plan, and supported the launch of Primary Care Networks and Integrated Care Systems. PIC has thrived in this new environment, that closely models our own mission to co-create personalised, integrated, community-level care for patients. The beginning of 2020 was extraordinarily tumultuous, dominated by the coronavirus pandemic. Our absolute priority has been patient and staff safety, implementing infection prevention and control and creating new ways of working to continue care for our most vulnerable and in need communities

“We are expert at finding niches and moving into new markets to create more patient-focused health care solutions.” Dr Kelvin Lim, Medical Director.

Quality Report 2019-20

We are proud to publish our inaugural Annual Quality report, which details our work to ensure excellent standards of care between April 2019 to March 2020. We also set out our ambitions to ensure our core value, We Care, is embedded and integral to everything we do as our company grows. Our key priorities are to deliver high quality services and good clinical outcomes for patients at every level of the organisation.

Gender Pay Report 2021

Please click here for our Gender Pay Report 2021.





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